Williamsburg Orthodontics Reviews

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Williamsburg Orthodontics Reviews

Williamsburg is a community rich with history yet new discoveries are being made here all the time. They’re the very things that shaped our history and they also changed the future for generations of Americans. At Williamsburg Orthodontics, we believe what we do has the same impact on the families we have the privilege of serving.

Every member of our team is passionate about helping you discover how amazing life with a great smile can be. We’ve been doing that for over 25 years – and we’re just getting warmed up.

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"Williamsburg Orthodontics is amazing and everyone is incredibly personable and professional all in one! Would most definitely recommend to anyone of any age as the best all around!"

Review Verified on 3/29/2017
"Very pleasant visit as always."

Review Verified on 3/22/2017
"Staff and Doctors all all great! Appointments are always on time. Excellent coffee and cookies. They make the kids feel well at ease."

Review Verified on 3/22/2017
"Everyone was absolutely very friendly, very informative, and very helpful."

Review Verified on 3/20/2017
"Williamsburg Orthodontist is AWSOME!!!! They set my teeth straight and they feel great!!"

Review Verified on 3/20/2017
"Friends and Family, You have not had the best experience of your life until you have shared the caring of Williamsburg - Orthodontics. My experience has been incredible...and I would recommend this to EVERYONE.... age should not be a factor when it concerns your teeth. If you have an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of you teeth Williamsburg-Orthodontics is the place for you... for a perfect smile this is the place for you. Thanks for taking the time to read.... Willie"
"I absolutely love coming here. I live in Texas and come and visit my family sometimes in Virginia. I have never met a nicer group of kinder people."

Review Verified on 3/16/2017
"Always ready at appointment time. Always provides best servives and customer care."

Review Verified on 3/16/2017
"Amazing all the way around!"

Review Verified on 3/15/2017
"Taking fantastic care of my daughter! She's a freshman in high school, so wearing braces is brutal...I love how the staff encourages her progress!"

Review Verified on 3/15/2017
"Excellent service with a smile :) :) Thank you - looking forward to getting the mouth guard to protect my daughter's teeth while she plays lacrosse! Appointment was on time and everyone was friendly. Thank you!"

Review Verified on 3/14/2017
"Love Williamsburg Orthodontics! My son, Zach, enjoys every visit! Everyone is friendly and like family!"

Review Verified on 3/10/2017
"Dr. Matt was really accommodating with my schedule as a college student and made having Invisalign very easy. The Invisalign really helped my teeth look amazing."

Review Verified on 3/9/2017
"Going to Williamsburg Orthodontics was an amazing experience which made the whole braces experience simple and painless. All the orthodontists are kind and really care:)"

Review Verified on 3/7/2017
"Terrific visit as always!"

Review Verified on 2/22/2017
"The office staff was courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Wendell superb."

Review Verified on 2/20/2017
"Great environment, everybody here made it a comfortable place to ask questions and talk about what is going on."

Review Verified on 2/16/2017
"We have had yet another wonderful experience at Williamsburg Orthodontics. My oldest son had his braces removed today. Dr Wendell and team have treated our entire family. I recommend Williamsburg Orthodontics over any other office."

Review Verified on 2/15/2017
"Outstanding experience from start to finish. I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2017
"Love it here!!!!!!! :))))))"

Review Verified on 2/13/2017
"As usual, over three years of appointments with two children, the staff at Williamsburg Orthodontics are thoroughly professional and caring. This continues to be the best medical practice we've ever been associated with."

Review Verified on 2/8/2017
"This was a great path for my braces"

Review Verified on 2/6/2017
"Dr. Wendell, Dr. Patti, Dr. Mat are excellent orthodontists. I am glad to be a patient at their establishment. And to add, team members are proficient, friendly, and very knowledgeable. I personally will recommend anyone who have a need for braces."

Review Verified on 2/2/2017
"You are always so accommodating. We came in early and Quintin was seen immediately. They did an adjustment while he was there, so now he can wait 6 weeks for his next appointment. I am very pleased with your practice."

Review Verified on 1/24/2017
"Great job! Thanks for allowing me to be next to my daughter since it was her first time getting something done at your office (and she's only 8)."

Review Verified on 1/18/2017
"Great appt. Very good in getting everything set up."

Review Verified on 1/16/2017
"I was very happy with the service throughout the process of having braces. Everyone was always happy to see me and greeted me with a smile every time I came to the office."

Review Verified on 1/16/2017
"Great place, good and outgoing staff, and quality treatment! It was really a great experience for what I got every visit even if it was something as tiny as getting a wire cut every visit was one to be remembered. I always left the orthodontist happily and satisfied. Everything from my new smile, the nice employees, and the cookies and coffee in the waiting room was always appreciated!"

Review Verified on 12/15/2016
"For those reading this review that are middle-age (or slightly beyond), please read on. Today I had my initial consult that resulted in a comprehensive treatment plan. I was relieved to learn that I am a good fit for the Invisalign technology which will virtually eliminate any hint of self-consciousness for someone my age wearing braces. Dr. Wendell's entire staff proved that they are a well-oiled machine and simply put, know how to treat new patients. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned being so excited about getting a second chance at the brass ring."

Review Verified on 11/29/2016
"Thank you for getting me in so quick. My spring and bracket popped off and was repaired the next day!"

Review Verified on 11/28/2016
"I love your staff and the atmosphere!! You always make my daughter feel comfortable. Very efficient and quick!! Thank you all."

Review Verified on 11/17/2016
"Great Job!!"

Review Verified on 11/17/2016
"We loved our experience with Dr. Matt and Jessica today. Our consultation went wonderfully. Dr. Matt explained everything to Max so that he could understand what was going on, which was fantastic. He then explained to me the timeframe for treatment moving forward perfectly. We look forward to coming back again in the future! Anne Croyle"

Review Verified on 11/3/2016
"Everyone was very informative. Gave me a lot of info & took time to explain my options & answer questions."

Review Verified on 10/26/2016
"Great service and lovely work done on my teeth."

Review Verified on 10/20/2016
"My 3 sons have all been to Dr Wendell's office. We have been so pleased with their results. My boys actually looked forward to going there, cookies, video games but most off all, it is such a happy environment. The staff is always attentive to us and they are very accommodating. The new doctors that joined are amazing as well. It's hard to live up to Dr Wendell but he certainly chose the right people to work with. They really take a personal interest in your well being."

Review Verified on 10/11/2016
"Great office with a wonderful mix of great service and professionalism."

Review Verified on 10/6/2016
"Great job"

Review Verified on 9/30/2016
"They were wonderful to work with!"

Review Verified on 9/22/2016
"Highly recommend this practice for orthodontic treatment. My teenage son wore his braces for a year and a half. The entire office staff have all been very nice and helpful. Dr. Matt and Dr. Patti came in towards the end of treatment, but became involved quickly and took an interest in his care. We knew that when the braces were removed that there was a possibility that his fake tooth on the front may come off. It did and he was very upset. I was having breakfast close by and Dr. Wendell quickly called me and filled me in on what was happening and that our dentist was waiting for us to arrive to fix it. It amazed me that they were able to act that quickly with a traumatic situation and make things easier for both of us. Within an hour or so, my son had a beautiful new tooth to go with the rest of his beautiful teeth. While I was still waiting in the dentist office, Dr. Matt stopped by with his infant daughter to check on my son. I can't even tell you how much that meant for him to go out of his way to show concern for him. When my son came out with his new tooth, Dr. Matt quickly called his wife to let her know we were on the way. They took extra measures to make sure the new tooth was not damaged making the molds for the retainers. Everyone in the office had been truly concerned about him and was happy to see everything had worked out and he had a much better, beautiful new tooth. It was the talk of the office. That was two months ago. Today, they still couldn't believe what a wonderful job our dentist did. If you want a caring, compassionate group to care for your orthodontic needs, look no further. You will not find better in the Williamsburg area. In fact, I will miss seeing everyone."

Review Verified on 9/16/2016
"I love the entire staff. Everyone is kind, professional and helpful."

Review Verified on 9/15/2016
"Two kids. Two perfect sets of teeth! Thanks!!!"

Review Verified on 9/15/2016
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